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The development of the Motorpoint website was a major project. First released as a beta back in August 2011 and then fully released live a month later. I was the only developer involved in the project for around 2 years so it was major achievement. The requirement was a full redesign which would replace the existing legacy website and include more advanced search functionality, better performance, and a Content Management system.

At the time, one of the challenges was the reliability of their legacy Dealer management system which stored and managed the vehicle data. This application frequently caused deadlocks in SQL Server which not only caused the DMS to freeze but would also cause downtime on the website. To overcome this I implemented a system that would update the vehicle stock in an in-memory cache object, backed up on the web server using XML. The vehicle stock would be at most an hour out of date but it was small price to pay to ensure the website was always available during the frequent and continuing deadlock issue. This system proved very reliable and was in place for a number of years.

The site was developed using ASP.NET MVC using C# for the server-side and Razor for the view engine. The data layer consists of several SQL Server Databases in which I used Entity framework as the ORM. For the client side I used JQuery and JQueryUI for AJAX interactions and UI elements. The application featured over 200 unit tests to ensure all areas of functionality could be tested. The project was managed using TFS for both the source control and work items. For the CMS I integrated N2CMS, an open source .NET CMS system with an elegant C# API. N2CMS provided powerful CMS functionality together with a simple authoring experience.