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Full Stack Senior/Lead Developer – Working in your Development Team

Working for you as your Software Developer.

My Professional Full Stack Developer experience goes back all the way to 2005 when I started working as a junior PHP developer. After a couple of years in the WAMP world I moved into working with .NET and Microsoft technologies to which I have continued to use ever since. From my humble beginnings I progressed from Junior to Developer, Senior Developer, Tech Lead and then Architect.

I have worked as a Developer in many different industries such as Online Travel, Aerospace, Automotive and Online Retail. I have developed and worked on so many different applications I would not be able to list them all. The different software applications I have developed range from customer facing Web Applications, Business to Business Web Applications, Web Service API’s, Automation systems, CMS Systems, JavaScript APIs, Third Party System Integrations, Data Driven Applications, bespoke deployment systems, the list goes on.

I have experience of being the "one-man" Dev Team to working in globally distributed development teams consisting of Testers/QA’s, Product owners and numerous developers. I’m very easy to work and will quickly gel into your teams culture. I’m more than Happy to conform to your development principles and coding standards.

Need an Experienced Microsoft Developer? Look no further

Here’s an overview of my primary Development Skills

  • C#
  • OO programming and design
  • SOLID Principles
  • SQL
  • PowerShell
  • JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, JSON
  • Hand Coded HTML/CSS
  • XML, XSD, XSLT, XSL, X-path
  • PHP
  • Razor & ASPX Views
  • LINQ
  • Functional Programming & Generics
  • Entity Framework
  • REST Web API + Swagger API
  • WCF Web services + SOAP, WSDL, UDDI
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • VS Code
  • System Architecture Design
  • Project Solution Architecture
  • System Analysis
  • Developer mentoring
  • Process implementation
  • Technical leadership for Development teams
  • High level Presenting of Strategic IT Solutions
  • TFS Server Administration
  • VM Administration
  • Azure Administration
  • Hyper-V
  • Sitecore 8/9
  • Helix Architecture
  • SOLR
  • Unicorn
  • Sitecore Azure Toolkit
  • Automated Deployments to Azure PaaS
  • SQL Server
  • DB implementation & Design
  • SQL
  • T-SQL
  • Stored Procs
  • Views
  • SQL Agent
  • Maintenance plans
  • SSIS
  • PaaS/IaaS infrastructure
  • Infrastructure migration
  • ARM Templates
  • SQL Azure
  • App Services
  • Virtual Machines
  • Auto Scaling
  • Azure Functions
  • App Insights
  • Fully Automated Deployments using VSTS/Azure DevOps
  • Custom Scripted Deployment Steps
  • Full CI/CD Implementations
  • PowerShell Deployment routines
  • Database deployments
  • Setting up and configuring Build Servers
  • Agile - Sprint based workflows
  • Microsoft Teams
  • On Prem TFS
  • User Stories
  • SCRUM methodology
  • Spring Grooming & Reviews
  • Technical Planning
Need an Experienced Microsoft Developer?

Need an Experienced Microsoft Developer?

If you need an Experienced Lead or Senior Microsoft Developer to join your team, contact me to arrange a meeting.