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Recently I’ve been working on a large scale Sitecore 9.02 application that is independently scaled into 8 different Azure AppServices and over 10 SQL PaaS Databases. Deployment is very complicated as different routines and actions need to be executed depending on the server instance. From a technology perspective the deployment consists of an onPrem Build

Recently I was working with a Sitecore Azure environment and the client wanted to test the new 9.02 version of Sitecore with a separate test environment. Sitecore offer ARM templates for each of their versions as part of the Azure marketplace which makes it very simple to spin up an environment. There are 3rd party

A few years ago, I was working with a website that had severe performance issues. The environment was fully OnPrem hosted in their own datacentre. This in itself caused many issues with downtime due to loss of total power and other issues. The infrastructure was essentially overkill. 5 high spec VM’s each one featuring multi